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Wedding Season is Upon Us!

Wedding season is here! Well, it's been here but I'm now finding a few minutes of breathing time. Even on my "days off", there are plenty of things to do. Emails to send, phone calls and texts to respond/make, calendars to update. Add to all that, lets design and run a website to grow the business, take care of the house, the dog, the cat, the cars-laundry, cleaning, -if at all possible, find time to have a social life-. I will remember what a social life is, eventually!

Yes, I can sit here and type out what my daily routine is. However, that would lead you to think that I am either a robot or Supergirl. I like to give myself the credit of being Supergirl, but for the most part, I stay organized enough to be a robot throughout most of the day!

I might not go to an office or job every day and put in the "normal" 8 hours. I definitely put in more than 8 hours of work a day though.

I take on more stress of events than most coordinators do. I do things that most coordinators don't do because "it's not their job". Why? Because it IS my job.

My job is to make sure that you are able to enjoy your event as much as possible. I can handle the events details while you handle the guests and enjoy yourself.

Weddings are the hardest. It is the most important day of someone life. It is a lot of pressure to make sure that things go as planned, making sure that the vendors are there when we want them, make sure that everything is set up and perfect! I want to make sure that your vision comes true. Your vision BECOMES my vision. I want your day to happen just the way you want it to.

There are countless weddings this year, so many double booked weekends. By the end of October, I will be exhausted but in the end, it will be worth it! The joy of seeing the couples have their happily ever after is always worth it!


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